09 Apr
Wander Connected

For months now I have told myself that I have cabin fever or wanderlust. Now, I don’t think that’s the case.

What I actually miss is the presence of the people I care about. I love to travel but I’ve never had a desire to travel alone. My travels have always been to see someone or to explore somewhere with someone, or someones, that I love. 

So, I suppose I have connection wanderlust because an experience shared is an experience understood. Remembering something extraordinary happens with someone. The ability to share a view and simply say “wow.” With one look, you know that you see or feel the same thing. Then later, remembering can be a rush back to what was.

One of my favorite phrases is, “remember the time…“ whether the memory is sad, serene or joyful. If it’s on the top of a mountain, toes in the ocean, or just in my backyard, it meant something enough to stick in the limited space we hold for detailed memory.

I don’t miss vacations; I miss the connection of being confronted with the delightfully unexpected alongside someone I want to be close to.

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