01 Jun
Help Other Understand

He didn't understand. I don't blame him. This sh*t is heavy, complicated and generations old. Destruction and disease everywhere. It's a heavy time. We can only see the world through our own eyes, at least at first.

I posted disagreement and instead of ignoring me, he listened. We settled into the discomfort of that moment. I chose to lean in and share. My choice was to assume the best in him, he proved me right.

I said, "Never trivialize the pain of others." He didn't realize he was and then said, "I can always learn and do better."

Good people do not mean to offend. Often they don't understand. Let's listen to each other. Ask questions. Admit you just don't know. We grow by sharing truth.

Let's keep leaning in and help eachother grow in compassion and understanding.

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