The World is as Small as You Make It - Choose Growth - Choose an Unfiltered Reality

I am a writer, speaker and wellbeing advocate through Unfiltered Reality. I speak to the value of diversity through a personal lense. I hope my articles and essays bring understanding to a world that can easily blind us to the perspective of others. My goal as a writer is to support growth and understanding in our divided world through both mind and spirit.

I am a wellbeing and strength coach at Elev8 Wellness.  I know there is more to a healthy body than exercise. It takes a balanced mind, lifestyle and community.

I am a founder of budding food and healing justice organization Urban Wellbeing. This new organization advocates for individual and community healing through exploring food culture and how that intersects with identity and wellbeing.

I am a fractional CxO, business coach, advisor and consultant through my LLC Convergence Point Consulting. I am doing good though my work by supporting the development of professionals with the desire to live with mission.
  • I work with tech companies, large and small, because they have the opportunities to help people en masse. Technology has the ability to reach people far and near, when leveraged correctly it can help leaders heal entire communities.
  • I work with soloprenuers, small businesses and non-profits because I know that local businesses are the vehicles that lift communities out of poverty and into prosperity. I know that a rising tide lifts all boats or, to put it in my own words, there is more than enough for everyone if we see customers as partners instead of wallets.  
I hope we can connect on at least one of my passions. At a minimum, I hope my page is relatable so you know you are never alone in 'figuring it out.'  Be Well. Be Blessed. Be the Blessing.