13 Jul
Never Normal

As I was listening to the news this morning I realized something profound. We are never going back to what used to be. The mere suggestion that life will ever be the way that it was is damaging most people's ability to cope.

This isn't short- term.

The life that we will live will be on a spectrum between what was and what is now. We will always oscillate between those extremes because the ability to move backwards doesn't exist.

The choice we have is how we respond. This has always been our only choice.

Will you grow and evolve in the face of adversity? Will you exhibit gratitude in the face of blessings? Will you see the possibilities in this new world? Will you work on your balance as we all danced on this tightrope? Will you just survive or will you thrive?

My choice is thrive. I hope you join me.

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