01 Jan
Dumpster Fire

Even a dumpster fire, as hot as 2020, can provide moments warmth and comfort. Just need to take a few steps back.

In the past year I have re-learned some important things. I re-learned, revalue and realized:

☑️the true value of $20

☑️what it feels like to be appreciated for my mind and body

☑️the power of a deep breath and a long walk

☑️ how much eye contact means to the disadvantaged

☑️ how privileged I am to have my basic needs met daily

☑️ how rare it is to have a safety net

☑️ how those that need the most are hidden from those who have the most

☑️ how focusing on mission can lead to financial prosperity

☑️ how each day is not promised, it is a blessing and a privilege

☑️ how much I love my life

☑️ how powerful my voice is

I hope 2020 has blessed you with lessons of strength and sparks of hope, too.

Feeling discouraged? If you are reading this it means there's still time for you to spend. Invest wisely.

Happy New Year. 2021... Let's do this.

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