25 Feb

Keeping fit is more than physical: It's a state of mind

According to a new study differences in what motivates individuals and how they self-regulate behavior influence how they keep fit. The study associates personal characteristics with whether people are likely to prefer solo or group exercise activities, CrossFit® training, resistance training, or team sports, how frequently they work out, and if they are likely to stick to their routine.

Check out this, small, study that suggests how an exercise program  motivation needs to be about MORE than weight management. Ask yourself this; What do you LIKE to do? What makes you feel challenged and motivated to improve? Why do you want to make a change? Why now? What would you do if you felt stronger?

The simple truth is if you don't like it or feel unsure about how to do it correctly you are more likely to drift away. It is also important to understand what helps you commit. Are you a science nerd who needs cold hard facts? Are you more emotionally driven? Most people are  on the spectrum between the two. 


One way many have found success is in learning an effective strength training routine. Remember strength training is 'weight baring' exercise. Results are literally measurable, by reps or weight moved, which tends to be encouraging.  As quoted in the article:

"...those who engaged in resistance training and sport were more motivated by a sense of challenge than ill-health avoidance or weight management."

"Individuals who were more motivated by intrinsic reasons such as enjoyment, challenge, and stress management, exercised more frequently..."

In short, if you want to start an exercise routine that is fun, challenging and stress reducing, try strength training.For many the barrier to effective strength training is knowledge. If you are fearful of 'doing it wrong', seek out a deeply knowledgeable coach in a non-threatening environment. Skilled movement coaches are often found outside a big box gym. 

 Another benefit to working with a coach is having someone help you figure out where to start. Remember, most people shouldn't start out by grabbing a barbell and firing off squats. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, YOU are your own measure. Where ever you need to start is a good place to start. If anyone tells you differently question their motivation. 

If you want to figure out your starting point in a semi-private studio, Jonathan Watters and I are happy to support your journey at Elev8 Wellness. More than exercise, motivation support is what we believe in. It is not the same for everyone, your journey needs to be personalized. Let's figure out how to help you dig in. #LetsGetStrongerTogether  #LiveAwesome

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